30th Annual BBQ Cook-Off - January 20-22, 2017


Special Hotel Room Rate of $79 - Wyndham Hotel West Energy Corridor


Frequently Asked Questions

When and where is the Cook-off?

The cook-off will be Friday, January 20th through Sunday, January 22nd at the Houston Farm & Ranch Club.

What is the fee to enter?

Entry fees are $200.00 Please make Check Payable to the Hold’em & Hit’em Club and Mail Checks to: Hold’em & Hit’em Club 1811 Cohn St Houston, Texas 77007

What is the deadline for registration?

All applications & entry fees must be received before December 31, 2016

How big are the cook- spaces?

Most spaces are 40’x40’ and will be assigned on a first-come first-served basis. Some spaces will be smaller, approx. 30’x30’

When is check in and set-up?

Early Drop is Thursday January 19th from NOON till 7:00PM; THIS IS FOR DROP OFF ONLY. NO SETTING UP. Check in and set up will be Friday January 20th starting at 7:00AM till 5:00PM. All team must be checked in prior to 5:00PM

Will Electricity be provided?

Yes, but on a limited basis. Most space will have electricity and will be assigned on a first-come first-served basis. Each space is limited to 15 amps. Teams with refrigerated equipment (i.e. Margaritas machines, beer boxes etc…) must provide their own generators.

What about restroom facilities?

Indoor restroom are available in the Arena, Port-a-cans will be provided throughout the cook-off area. Teams wishing to rent their own Port-a-cans may do so; see attached Order Form.

Will vehicle traffic be allowed inside the cook-off area during the event?

NO. All vehicles must be out of the cook-off area by 6PM on Friday, Jan20th. Teams may keep a vehicle in their space but the vehicle MUST REMAIN IN THEIR SPACE UNTIL MOVE-OUT SUNDAY MORNING. NO EXCEPTIONS.

When is check out?

Check out is Sunday, January 22nd Teams must be checked out and off the property by 1:00 PM. All spaces must be clean and inspected prior to move out.